August 3, 2010

New directions

Posted in travel tagged , , , , at 9:53 pm by Fat Girl Dancing

Watch this space — this blog is going in a slightly new direction!

Waking up

Breakfast and treats

Last-minute packing

Hiding, prepping

Truck loaded, stomachs loaded

Internetting, ipodding

Run away! Snacks for the road.

Help arrives. Puppy pee pads.

Last-minute errand. Trapped.

Preparing, sulking.

Still packing.

Kitties loaded.

Our merry band of travelers.

Truck ahead, car behind.

Kentucky, Louisville

Ohio River, Indiana

Break for gas and stuff.

I fade, Dad drives

Cool cloud, Wabash River (near Illinois border)

Sun’s too bright, it sets (at Illinois state line)

A very late arrival

Settling in

Good night



  1. Melanie said,

    Kinder bueno!
    And your facebook is still in French too. 🙂
    Good luck on your new adventure~

    • jesuislaprof said,

      Heck yeah Kinder bueno! I stocked up at the airport and now I’m slowly savoring them ^_^
      I keep my facebook in French as a good daily reminder to speak French as much as possible! (It’s getting harder and harder the further southwest we go!)
      Thanks! I miss you!!! ❤

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