January 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland

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Snowing in Bordeaux

This was the scene last Wednesday in Bordeaux.  I had just woken up as my roommate was returning from seeing her guest from the US off to the train station.  “Have you looked outside?” she exlaimed. “It’s snowing!!”  Bleary-eyed, I grabbed my camera and stumbled to the windows to capture a few pictures of the soft, fat snowflakes.  It snowed heavily for almost an hour and left nearly two inches of snow on top of ice.

Snow day in Bordeaux

It brought the city to a standstill for the entire morning.  The trams stopped running — I could see one at a dead stop about two stations down from our station, and the buses were called back to their stations.  I called my tutorees mother to tell her I wouldn’t be able to make it that afternoon.  She was disappointed, but without the buses, there was no way I could make it down there!

Later that day, everything melted away except the ice.  By Thursday every trace of snow was gone, but the playground at my secondary school was a big ice skating rink.  I tried to teach the kids the phrase “It’s icy” as a part of our standard “How is the weather today?” questions.  One student made a great connection.  One Monday I had taught them “I see a pen.  The pen is green.”  I emphasized the new verb “to see” by pointing to my eyes and then pointing to the pen.  So when I asked them what they thought “It’s icy” meant, this girl raised her hand and pointed to her eyes and said “I see?”

I had to write the two phrases on the board to point out how they might sound alike but were different, and they had to listen to hear the differences between “icy” and “I see.”  But I was really impressed that she made that connection!  They’re learning something!



  1. nicci said,

    i want to come visit you in France. >.>

    • jesuislaprof said,

      YOU SHOULD!!!

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