December 2, 2009

Let me explain…

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No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.

I’ve not abandoned this blog!  I just got behind and then stressed about catching up and then life went CRAZYGONUTS.

Here’s your November update in a nutshell, and then we can move on to December ^_^

  • Things started getting awkward with my host family when I returned from the Toussaint vacation
  • I came right back to my first bus strike!  I was late and missed my first class, then it took me two hours to get home.
  • I went on my first outing with OnVaSortir, a socializing website for meeting French people.  We went out for cafés.  It was good to get out and meet real French people, but very exhausting to try and keep up with the conversation for several hours!
  • I BOUGHT A BIKE!!  I love my bike.
  • Riding on the streets of Bordeaux is terrifying.
  • I started hanging out more with the other English assistants, which I’ve really enjoyed.
  • I got my hair redyed and trimmed, and it wasn’t a disaster!
  • I spent a beautiful Saturday biking all over Bordeaux and along the river, and then came upon a Pro-choice rally and joined it.
  • I saw “New Moon” in French, and it was still hysterically funny.
  • I picked up a tutoring gig (starts today, actually!)
  • I went out to a bar with some French people, and a French guy bought me a drink!
  • I went to a potluck dinner with other assistants.
  • Things went from awkward to REALLY BAD with my host family really fast 😦
  • I Skyped with my parents on Thanksgiving and watched the Macy’s parade from their kitchen via the internets.  Then I called back around midnight my time to “sit” at the dinner table with everyone.
  • I went to La Rochelle for Thanksgiving weekend with my friends Wes and David.  We made a great feast and had a lot of laughs.
  • I moved out of my host family’s house and into a temporary situation with another assistant.  I’m currently looking for a permanent place to live.
  • And we end November with another transportation strike!  Ahhh, France.

French bike!

Banana creme pie

Banana creme pie

Thanksgiving - French style

Banana creme pie - YUM!Thanksgiving - French style


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  1. Richard said,

    ahh, oui, en greve!

    Reminds me of years ago when I was living in Antibes, between Cannes and Nice. Not too long after I arrived I had some business that needed my attention in Nice so I walked up to the train station and bought a ticket “allez et retour.” I stamped it before walking out to wait for the train. In my experience up to that time if the schedule said the train was to arrive at 10:48 a.m. voila there was a train with its doors open at 10:48. It was marvelous. But this morning 10:48 came and went. No train. 10:58, 11:08 no train. at 11:18 I go inside to the person who sold me the ticket and asked if there had been an accident or something.

    “Non, Monsieur, en greve.”

    “On strike? Then why did you sell me a ticket knowing the trains were on strike?”

    “You wanted one.”

    “But you knew the trains were on strike?”

    “Yes, they’re on strike, but my union is not on strike.”

    Vive la France!

    Towards the end of my three years in France a good American friend was in an argument with a local at the French (as opposed to expat) bar. In exasperation he asked, “You know the Arc de Triomphe” in Paris?”

    “Bien Sur.”

    “Too bad you guys never get to use it,” Bill said. It’s a wonder we didn’t have to fight our way out of the place.

    Wait until La Poste goes on strike…they REALLY know how to screw things up. Everyone doesn’t go on strike at the same time. One village will be on strike one day, another the next day and a different village on the day after that. Boy, is THAT ever fun.

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