October 25, 2009

Sunday morning musings

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It’s hard to wake up from a dream where I’m home and holding my kittens again and snuggling them after so long.  I like it here, but it’s so hard to believe I have to be away from them for another 9 months : (  Last night I dreamt I was holding Sabrina, and I was so happy to have her in my arms again, but she didn’t really remember me. : (

It's hard not to miss her!

It's hard not to miss her!

I remember when I could just throw some clothes in the laundry two hours before going to work, and have them washed and dried by the time I needed to leave.  No longer.  The cleaning process is at least a two-day operation here.  Hope you didn’t need that for tomorrow!

Absolutely no hope of throwing something in the dryer for a minute or two on a cold morning to warm it up.  What a luxury!

I find it weird that my US phone and my US-based laptop computer both automatically updated themselves for Europe Daylight Saving Time, but my French phone didn’t.  For the next week, I’m only 5 hours ahead of everyone on EST!

I was thinking of going out to the Jardin Public for a pique-nique today, but it’s been rainy, so the ground will be wet… And I’m not sure if I feel like going all the way into Bordeaux.  Maybe I’ll just have a lazy day here in Talence.  I have bread, cheese, and smoked salmon, anyway.  What more do I need? (maybe some wine…)

I’ll be heading up north on Wednesday!  I’m doing a whirlwind tour in a week.  Bordeaux to Nantes to Vitré (with a day to visit Rennes) and then from Vitré to La Rochelle and then back down to Bordeaux!


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  1. Kinzie said,

    Wow. I identify with EVERY SINGLE THING you posted here. I miss my dogs, I miss 2 minutes in the dryer for warm clothes (in fact, I was talking about that yesterday with my roommates), and I’m quite glad for the temporary decrease in our time differences. Though, I think for about 3 weeks in March, we’ll be an hour more than usual, which is kind of a bummer… Bah!

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