October 22, 2009

Impractical boots

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Woot, Bordeaux won the football match last night!  It’s nice to be in a town that actually wins sporting events.  Yeah, I’m totally looking at you, Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.  And Dayton Dragons, while we’re at it.

Yesterday I went into Bordeaux and spent a good chunk of my savings (that I hadn’t already spent on tickets to London or Wicked tickets).  First I bought some ridiculously impractical and expensive new boots.  But I wanted them.  I wanted them more than any of the other practical or cheap boots.  Plus they were warm (the only impractical aspect is that they have 2-inch heels! Well, it doesn’t snow here…)

Impractical (but warm!) boots

Impractical (but warm!) boots

I also bought a set of hand weights, so I can continue my workouts here.  I’m getting in a lot of good walking, but my arm muscles are turning to jelly from lack of use!

I continued walking up rue Ste. Catherine, the major shopping street in Bordeaux, and entered the SNCF office.  It was still an hour before they closed and the place was packed.  Moments after I took a number, the manager locked the door and removed the number tickets so no one else could come in and get in line.  I just made it!  I waited nearly 45 minutes to buy train tickets from a very nice woman.

I needed lots of different tickets because I’m city-hopping instead of going directly from Bordeaux to Vitré.  I needed a ticket from Bordeaux to Nantes and then from Nantes to Vitré, and on the way back I needed to go from Vitré to La Rochelle and then from La Rochelle to Bordeaux.  She printed the tickets, I paid for them, and then she asked me if I planned to make a lot of trips around France.  I said yes, and she asked me why I wasn’t using a discount card.  I explained I was too old for the 12-25 discount card, and she told me about the Carte Escapades, which was only good on weekends.  Which would normally be when I’d be traveling in France — when I’d want to make trips down to Pays-Basque or other close towns.  She re-ran all my tickets with the new discount — even though they weren’t on weekend days.  She was incredibly helpful, and I thanked her profusely as I was leaving.

I bought a croque-chevre from a patisserie for dinner and ate it in the square near where my language group meets.  It was pretty much a chevre pizza on toast, but it was delicious.  As I was eating, a little girl about 5 years old entered the square, pushing her family’s garbage can out so it could be emptied; it was taller than she was.  She came over to talk to me.  She told me about taking the garbage out and about her mother, and then she asked what I was eating.  She asked if she could have it, and I laughed and said no, it was mine.  She said, “Please, just a little?” So I relented and tore off a corner for her.  She ate it and scampered off.  She came back out several more times to talk to me, in-between running in to other places on the square.  At one point I saw her run into a bar and come out with bread and cheese!  I don’t think she was homeless, judging from the trash can and good coat she had on.  She just wanted food!

I declined going out to the bar with the folks from the language group because I didn’t want to stay out too late and disturb my host family, plus I had to get up really early this morning.  I got home a little before 10:30pm to find they were all already in bed with the shutters drawn and all lights off!  Very odd, since sometimes we’ve only just barely finished dinner by that time!  I climbed the stairs in complete darkness, not wanting to wake anyone.

Today was my last day with my secondary school until after the vacation!  We worked on Halloween words, and I gave the two older classes a conversation to practice reading.  They have real trouble reading English words right now, but that’s to be understood, since they’re completely unfamiliar with them.  My older class (around 8 years old) did the best, and I was able to have two groups stand before the class and read the scenes in front of everyone.

They were very basic, but incorporated everything we’d learned:

“1: Hello.

2: Good morning.

1: What is your name?

2: My name is Dracula.  I am a vampire.

1: Nice to meet you.  I am a witch.

2: We are very scary!”

I showed several videos at the end of class; since it’s right before vacation, I can’t expect them to work too hard.  They loved the video for the Monster Mash and also The Skeleton Dance; my youngest class wanted to watch the Skeleton Dance again instead of something new!  And I’ve now heard the Monster Mash so many times it’s like I was home hearing it on the radio.

One more day of classes!  And it may not even be a full day, since it’s at clusterfuck school, and I heard they’re planning a Halloween event in the afternoon, so I may not teach my afternoon classes!  But of course no one’s told me anything yet!



  1. Charlebok said,

    French kids seem very forward about food. Isn’t this the second time some strange kid came up and tried to eat your food? Do they not feed them over there?

    I love those boots.

  2. cataliya said,

    about your carte escapade, how much did you save on each trip? i’m considering signing up for it, too.

    • jesuislaprof said,

      I think it was between 25% and 30% for each ticket? Enough to be worth the 85 euro price over the course of the entire year ^_^

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