October 20, 2009


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Plans, they are being made!  I just booked two tickets to see Wicked in London on December 21st, and I also booked a flight for myself from the Bordeaux airport to London from December 18 through the 22nd.  As much as I’d really rather not fly again, it ended up being cheaper round trip to fly than to take trains.

I’m still in the process of confirming my plans for the upcoming break next week.  I had really wanted to visit a couple of different cities, but my secondary plans keep falling through.  Right now it looks like I’ll just be going to Vitré over Halloween weekend, with a stop in La Rochelle on the way back.  I’m so excited to be traveling and seeing new sights!

I taught my kids a little about Halloween today.  I showed them pictures from a few years ago of my uncle, my cousins and me on our annual voyage to Shaw Pumpkin Farm, and they LOVED IT.  They loved seeing the giant pumpkins all over the place, they loved seeing me in America, they loved seeing my family.  “Who’s that?” they asked over and over again, wanting to know every last detail.  I showed them pictures I had of Jack O’Lanterns outside my old apartment in Centerville, and they had more questions.  “Is that your house?  Do you live there? It’s huge!”

Little kids also love stickers.  I gave away stickers as a prize to bingo winners in a class today, and I thought the non-winners were going to start a riot.  “Can we have stickers too?” they begged.

“Not today,” I said.  “There will be plenty of chances to win stickers throughout the year.”

“Can we play another game now so we can get stickers?”

“No, the class is over.”

“Can’t you just give us a sticker?”

They were going crazy.  HELP.  SEND MOAR STICKERS.

I only have two more days of teaching before the break.  I’m thinking the last days of class will be fun days, where we watch a bunch of videos and learn the words for Halloween terms like “witch,” “ghost,” and “spider.”


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  1. Charlebok said,

    This was funny. Very funny. 😀

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