October 18, 2009

Happy French birthday!

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So I had a birthday yesterday.  In France.  Happy French birthday to me!  Thank you to everyone who wished me well ^_^  It really made me feel loved and helped me not feel so far away from home.

I’d been very worried about my birthday, since it was so soon after my arrival in France.  I was worried I wouldn’t have made friends quickly enough to be able to spend day with anyone.  I was worried I’d be all alone in a foreign country.  And birthdays are a BIG DEAL to me…I feel like people should be treated special on their birthday and fussed over, and I was afraid I’d have no one to do that for me.

Several weeks ago my host family suggested that I invite some friends over, just for a soiree, and I suggested that I have them over for my birthday.  I invited a few English assistants that I’d gotten to know and liked and my friend from Wright State, Wesley, who lives in La Rochelle, was going be coming down for the weekend.

Generally my host family leaves Talence around 6pm on Friday evenings for their lake house about 30 miles away, and they spend the whole weekend there.  So I thought it was a great sacrifice they were making to spend the weekend in Talence for me.  My host father once told me their real house is the lake house, and they’re just in Talence during the week for work and school.

On Saturday I woke up around 9am, showered, and went downstairs to see how I could help my host mother with the preparations.  She told me she was already almost done!  So I went back upstairs and puttered around on the computer, which was generally dull because everyone I wanted to talk to was still asleep.  I had that excited “People are coming over!” feeling, which was nice to have; it made this place feel more like my house.

People were supposed to show up around 1pm.  Around 11 I realized that my host family wasn’t going to be staying for the party — they were still going to the lake house!  Around noon I wandered downstairs, and they were like “Well, have a great party, happy birthday, see you Sunday night!” and got the heck out of there.  So…yay for having the house to myself right now.

My friends found the place with little trouble, and we mostly chatted about life as an assistant in France.  People stayed several hours, and there was SO MUCH GOOD FOOD, so I think everyone had a good time! ^_^

French birthday party!

French birthday party!

French birthday party!

French birthday party!

Happy French birthday!

Happy French birthday!

Happy French birthday!

Happy French birthday!

After everyone else left, I took Wesley in to Bordeaux to show him around.  We walked up the Rue Ste. Catherine, the major shopping street in town.  We each got something at H&M — Wesley got a new French scarf and I got a new French hat.

New French hat

New French hat

While we were wandering around downtown Bordeaux, I ran into a few people I knew.  It’s really nice to start seeing people I know on the street, it really makes the town feel more like my home.

I introduced him to FNAC (giant book, music, movie, and computer store) and we spent a lot of time browsing French DVD titles.  We walked out to the Place de la Bourse and the mirror lake and then began looking for dinner.  I wanted both a salade de chevre chaude AND gateau basque, and it seemed that every prix fixe had one or the other, but then we found a great restaurant that had BOTH for only €12,90!  I also had vegetarian penne pasta.  It was all SOOOO good.  I don’t think I’ve eaten this much food in weeks.

I walked Wesley down to his hostel and then took the tram back home, where I Skyped with my parents for a little bit and then went to bed.

Today I met Wes at Place Victoire and we walked to the flea market in front of St. Michel.  Wes found two DVDs he’d been wanting yesterday at FNAC for only €2 each, and I found the Kyosphere DVD for only €2!  YAY KYO!

We wandered around for awhile looking for a cafe, and then sat and enjoyed an espresso (him) and a hot chocolate (me).  We sat by the river for awhile just laughing and talking and making plans to get together again.  It was so good to see someone from home, someone that knows me and gets me.  I dropped him off at the train station and we said goodbye 😦

It was a great French birthday!!

Wes and me in Bordeaux

Wes and me in Bordeaux



  1. Kinzie said,

    Happy belated! And congrats on a successful day. I feel exactly the same way, that I ought to be exalted for being born and all that, and I’m concerned that my people here won’t do that/feel the same way. But you give me hope, and I’m going to try to make sure we celebrate my birthday in style here, even if I make my own cake. 🙂

    • jesuislaprof said,

      Thanks!! When’s your birthday? I’ll be sure to stop by your blog with félicitations!! ^_^

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