September 8, 2009

Countdown: One week

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One week left in the United States with my family and friends.  As my time here dwindles I find myself more and more hesitant to leave, whereas months ago I couldn’t wait to be in France.  Now all I can think of is everyone and everything I will miss and everything that could possibly go wrong.

My host family has been nothing but kind to me in emails.  François, the father, has begun emailing with me in French in accordance with my wishes to practice French as much as possible.  They seem eager to get to know me and will be picking me up at the train station when I arrive in Bordeaux on September 20.  They’ve also offered to take me along to their vacation house on the weekends.

I’ve been in contact with several other assistants who are going to be in Bordeaux, and I think we’re all going to be meeting up for café somtime around the 23rd.

First day of work is le 1 octobre!

My bags are all packed…

All I need to pack

All I need to pack



  1. Ameya said,

    Aw, that’s so sweet of your host family! I hope they continue to be as great as they seem 😀 And yay for having meet ups arranged already. it’s going to be so amazing!! i’m excited for you 😀

  2. Louise Finlayson said,

    Where abouts in Bordeaux are you going to be? i will be in Bordeaux proper…yay!!

    • jesuislaprof said,

      Louise — I will be in Talence! ^_^

      • Louise Finlayson said,

        oooo…i dont get there until 28th but i wanna meet for cafe! lol

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