June 17, 2009

The paperwork begins…

Posted in planning tagged , , , at 11:18 pm by Fat Girl Dancing

I just received an email from my French Embassy contact that the Académie of Bordeaux requires a copy of our passports, and the copy that was sent with my original application isn’t good enough.  It’s not just me; every assistant in Bordeaux has to submit a new scan of their passports directly to the Académie contact in France, and my arrêté will not be sent until they have it. 

I don’t want to wait until after I get out of work tomorrow at 1pm to try and run to school and scan it — with the time difference Thursday would already be over in France by the time I got it sent, so I’d lose another day.  I’m going to have to run home after I get off work at 9 tonight, grab my passport, and run out to Kinko’s. 

Oh,  France!  Hopefully by getting this to the person in charge of the Académie by Thursday, I should have my arrêté within the next few weeks!


I’ve been reading people’s descriptions of daily life in France, just buying baguettes and going about their daily routine, and I am SO eager to get there and get started! 

My French teacher helped my friend Wes and I by reserving a room in the Hôtel Henri IV right in the heart of Paris!  We’ll be there from September 16-20, just soaking up the wonderful Parisian culture before heading off to our separate regions.  I can’t wait!


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